One-to-one italian lessons

Full immersion with your dedicated italian teacher

One to one classes are mostly recommended to students who cannot make up a group of at least 7 people or have specific study needs (i.e. full immersion of grammar, focus on specific subjects, quick improvement of conversational skills, etc).

The course structure is similar to group lessons, both in terms of grammar and teachers, but the chance to customize contents is maximum.
We invite you to check the group lesson page to make a comparison. If you are interested in attending trips or excursions offered by our partners, you can join an existing group (subject to availability) and meet new people.

Course of Italian for individual students

We offer two different types of Italian courses: (i) lessons of Italian only (individual one-to-one lessons or group classes) or (ii) lessons of Italian in the morning plus tours, trips and cultural events in the afternoon.
Although some of the tours and trips can be organized for few students, others are only available for groups of at least 7 people.

If you are an individual student and you are only interested in Italian classes, you can simply apply for the type of lessons you prefer.

Otherwise, if you are interested in a full Italian course with trips and tours, you can either try to contact other students of your Italian class abroad and form your own group or contact us so that we can add you to an existing class.

Usually we only accept students aged 18 (i.e. the age of majority in Italy) but if you come here with an adult delegated by your parents, the school will accept your application.

Extra scholl activities like tours and trips in Italy, are organized by tour operators that cooperate with our institute. Such activities offer a perfect integration with the course of Italian language as they add to the whole italian programme a thorough understanding of the Italian culture and sightseeing of the most visited places in Italy.