Course Catalog

LinguaMia offers italian language courses both with individual one-to-one lessons and class lessons with professional mother tongue Italian teachers. Except for the intensive program, our teaching program includes lessons of grammar, conversation and sessions about Italian cultural topics in the morning, while the afternoon is devoted to visits, trips and excursions (organized by third party independent tour operators) or to free time. Students can chose our activities or use their spare time for shopping and travelling on their own.

A customizable and diversified program is also available for groups of students.

Lessons of italian for single students


Standard Program

20 hours of lessons per week. Classes are held in the morning to give students free time for excursions and trips. This is the most common course

1 (25)

Intensive program

35 hours of lessons per week. Classes are held both in the morning and in the afternoon to achieve the best results in the
shortest time.

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Individual lessons

1 teacher every 1 or 2 students. Individual lessons can be added to other programs. 1 week course includes 15 hours of lessons.

Cultural program for groups of students

group of students

Italian lessons for groups of students

This program is designed for groups of students interested in Italian lessons in the morning and a balanced mix of extra activities in the afternoon. Besides grammar, reading comprehension and conversation, classes will deal with cultural matters about Italian art cities, history, literature, music, opera, food and wine and other topics related to our cultural traditions.

The program is intended to be customized on the group preferences and time available.

The best choice for your italian lessons


Course of Italian for individual students

We offer two different types of Italian courses:

  • lessons of Italian only (individual one-to-one lessons or group classes)
  • lessons of Italian in the morning plus tours, trips and cultural events in the afternoon.
italian language school with tour and trips program

Italian course with trips and tours

Otherwise, if you are interested in a full Italian course with trips and tours, you can either try to contact other students of your Italian class abroad and form your own group or contact us so that we can add you to an existing class.

group of students

Groups of Students

Groups of students are welcome, as we usually prefer to deal with groups rather than organizing trips and tours for individual students, which is not efficient for both of us.

Ideally, groups consist of at least 7 people, but if your group is smaller, contact us and we will arrange the best solution for you with other students who have applied for the same course.

classes for italian lessons

Class splitting

When you get here, if your group is too large, it will be split in smaller classes depending on your level of Italian, so as to have a low number of students per teacher and offer you the best possible level of service.

monographic courses on italian culture matter

Monographic courses

Upon request, the Institute will arrange tailor made courses in Italian focusing on some particular aspects: understanding opera lirica, reading and studying Dante’s Divina Commedia, painting, music, cinema and theater, Italian art and history.


Group’s expextations

Courses will be based on the group’s expectations. The school boasts contacts with many professionals working in the abouve areas of expertise. Just contact us if you need more information.